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Maria Chiara Mosca

Indipendent Director

Maria Chiara Mosca graduated in Economics from the Bocconi University in Milan. She received a Master of Science in Law and Accounting from the London School of Economics and a Ph.D. in commercial law from the Cattolica University of Milan. She has experience in the field of legal advice to companies and institutions. She participates in research centers and editing committees of scientific journals. She is currently assistant professor at Bocconi University, where she teaches commercial and financial markets law. She is the author of numerous publications on corporate governance and listed companies’ regulation.


Giuseppe Cerati

President of Board of Auditors

He graduated from the University of Parma in 1988 and he was appointed as Statutory Auditor in 1985.He practices the profession of Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor at associated chartered accountants Cerati Laurini & Ampollini. He is the founder of the following societies operating in the field of tax administration services, legal auditing and asset management:Parametrica Pension Fund Spa (administrative service for pension funds), Previsione Srl (italian auditing company), Grevision Trust company Srl (trustee activity). He is expert in taxtation insurance matters, supplementary pension and real estate. He carries out post-graduate teaching and training activities.He holds several corporate positions in bodies of national importance including the chairmasip of the Board of Statutory Auditors of the National Union of the Leather Industry (Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria, UNIC), Beni Stabili Spa Siiq, Vittoria Assicurazioni Spa and Yoox Net a Porter Group Spa; he is a member of the vigilance committee pension funds of Saras’ employees (Moratti’s Group). He is member of management board of OIC – Organismo Italiano di Contabilità, namely “Italian Accountancy Board”.

Luca Parenti


Born in Rome on June 5th 1958, he earned a degree in Business and Economics at LUISS (“free international university for social studies”) of Rome, and is a chartered accountant, statutory auditor, and technical consultant at the Civil Court of Rome (and currently applying to the Court of Florence). Legal and tax consultant as a partner of KStudio Associato, one of the main Italian professional associations in the legal and tax consultancy fields and the Italian branch of KPMG International, a global network of professional service companies, present in 150 countries.

Luigi Gola

Indipendent Director

After having earned a degree in Engineering, Luigi Gola has worked at IBM for over 30 years, with roles of significant responsibility both in Italy and abroad. From 1984 to 1995, he worked as General Manager of the General Business division, which accounted for 50% of IBM Italia. The General Business division controlled the network of agents and retailers, operating in about 800 companies. After his experience at IBM, he cooperated with several companies in the IT sector, an in particular the Sarema group, as a member of the Board of Directors; in this position, he started a joint venture in China for the manufacture of cash registers. Upon leaving Sarema, he was appointed Sales Director of the Thera group, and a member of the Boards of Directors at a number of Thera group companies. He was nominated Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zucchetti S.p.A., with the assignment to manage the corporate change strategy. In 2008 he was re-called by IBM for a consultancy concerning how to deal with the modern SME market.

Angelica Pelizzari


Born in Brescia in 1971, she earned a magna cum laude degree in Business and Economics at the State University of Brescia, and also achieved a Master’s degree in Economics and International Finance at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart) of Milan. She attended the executive training program “Donne nei CdA promosso da GEA” (women in Boards of Directors, promoted by GEA management consultant organization) in Milan.

In June 2013, she was nominated a member of the Board of Directors of S.p.A. – an online insurance product brokering company and utility retailer – as the executive officer for management, accounting, and corporate affairs administration. On the occasion of the group’s change of corporate control and the consequent reorganization, she was nominated – in September 2014 – the administrator of all companies belonging to the Facile group ( Group S.p.A., Facile it S.p.A., Broker di Assicurazioni S.r.l., Operations S.r.l.), and representing the minority shareholders with relevant veto power on confidential matters. She is also a member of the Facile group Supervisory Board in the scope of Italian Decree-Law n° 231/2001.

Since June 2012 she is a member of the Board of Directors of SрА, a web-based real estate company leading the Italian market. She actively participates in the strategic decisions concerning governance, structural organization, new acquisitions, and the optimization of cash flow.

Since May 2004 she is the Sole Director of Anthos Vermögensverwaltung Gmbh, a real-estate company registered in Germany and under Italian ownership.

From November 2003 to August 2005 she was the Sole Director and successively the Liquidator of Lusfina S.p.A., focusing on factors – third party entities belonging to the Lucchini group – owing credit with and without recourse. She was authorized the general power of attorney for operations including corporate restructuring, negotiation and management of bank debt amortization, recovery of tax credit, and final liquidation in favour of the shareholders.

Since February 2005 she works as М&А Advisor for Electa Italia (Electa Group), with a particular focus on the Italian business world and on private equity. She offers customer support in extraordinary and strategic operations preparatory to growth through acquisitions of/by third parties, mergers, or listing on the stock market, as well as the subscription to shareholders’ agreements.

From 1991 to January 2005, she has performed a number of roles in real estate, financial, and banking companies.

Maria Chiara Mosca

Amministratore Indipendente

Maria Chiara Mosca si è laureata in economia presso l’università di Bocconi di Milano, ha conseguito il Master of Science in Law and Accounting presso la London School of Economics e il titolo di dottore di ricerca in diritto commerciale presso l'università Cattolica di Milano. Ha esperienza nell’ambito della consulenza legale a imprese e istituzioni. Partecipa a centri di ricerca e a comitati di redazione di riviste scientifiche. Attualmente è assistant professor presso l’università Bocconi, dove insegna diritto commerciale e dei mercati finanziari. È autrice di numerose pubblicazioni in materia di corporate governance e disciplina delle società quotate.

Giuseppe Cerati

Presidente del Collegio Sindacale

Laureatosi presso la Facoltà di Economia dell’Università deli Studi di Parma nel 1988 è stato nominato Revisore Contabile nel 1985. Svolge la professione di Dottore Commercialista e Revisore Legale nell’ambito dello Studio Associato Cerati Laurini & Ampollini. E’ fondatore delle società operanti nel settore dei servizi amministrativi fiscali, della revisione legale e della amministrazione dei patrimoni: Parametrica Pension Fund Spa (service amministrativo per fondi pensione), Previsione srl (società italiana di revisione legale), Grevision Trust company srl (trustee). E’ esperto in materie fiscali, assicurative, previdenza complementare e in real estate. Svolge attività di insegnamento e di formazione post universitaria. Ricopre diversi incarichi societari in enti di rilievo nazionale inclusa la Presidenza del Collegio Sindacale dell’Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria, Beni Stabili SpA Siiq, Vittoria Assicurazioni Spa e Yoox Net a Porter Group Spa; è membro dell’Organismo di Vigilanza del fondo pensione dei dipendenti Saras Spa (Gruppo Moratti). E’ Membro del Consiglio di Gestione dell’O.I.C – Organismo Italiano di Contabilità.

Chiara Pieragnoli


She was born in Empoli on November 11th 1972. She earned a degree in Business and Economics at the University of Florence. She is registered in the Registry of Chartered Accountants and the Registry of Statutory Auditors of Florence. She works as a chartered accountant in Florence since February 11th 2003, mainly carrying out management and tax-related consultancy for businesses. She has gained extensive experience in extraordinary corporate transactions, also carrying out auditing work.

Angela Oggionni

Indipendent Director

Angela Oggionni earned her degree cum laude in International Management - Language Sciences from the Catholic University of Milan.

She is Managing Partner of Electa, independent merchant firm, with which she started to collaborate in 2004 dealing with transactions in the private equity tail-ends segment and cooperating with the international team of the group, providing technical assistance to VC and PE funds focused on southern Europe and Italian market.

Since 2010 she has been mainly taking care of the creation, promotion and implementation of alternative investments, among which: Made in Italy 1, the first Italian SPAC, that arranged the listing of SeSa; IPO Challenger pre-booking companies that respectively took Italian Wine Brands and Pharmanutra public; IPO CLUB, feeder fund of SPACs and pre-booking companies, conceived in partnership with Azimut and strategically advised by Electa; SPAC in CLOUD, the digital evolution of the SPAC, created in partnership with Elite on the Elite Club Deal platform.

Angela Oggionni is board member of Italian Wine Brands, board member of The Organic Factory and member of the Advisory Committee of AISPAC, the Italian SPAC Association.

Alessandro Fabbroni

alessandro fabbroniChief Executive Officier

Born in Arezzo in 1972. After having achieved a high school diploma in classical studies, he earned a magna cum laude degree in Business Administration at the Bocconi School of Economics (Milan) in 1996.

From 1996 to 2002 he worked in the Corporate Finance and Investment Banking sector for banks and consultancy firms, including Efibanca (BNL Group), Arthur Andersen, PWC Corporate Finance, and Interbanca. From 2002 to 2007 he performed management roles in the IT sector, more specifically in Management Control, Finance, and Human Resource departments.

In 2008 he joined SeSa, where he managed the corporate reorganization that led it to become a group with over 1 billion euro turnover and 1,000 employees in the Information Technology sector. Since 2013, he is in charge during the group’s listing on the Milan stock exchange, by means of a cutting-edge operation (business combination with the first-ever SPAC under Italian law, Made in Italy 1), and the subsequent transition to the STAR (Italian segment for high-requirement stock listings) in 2015, following the entry of primary international institutional investors in the company.

Since 2012 he is the Chief Executive Officer of SeSa with the related executive and financial powers. He is a council member of Fondazione SeSa (SeSa foundation) and a member of the Boards of Directors of various other companies of the SeSa group. Since 2015 he is also the CEO of ITH S.p.A.

He is Director of IPOC 1 S.r.l.

The SeSa group is one of the main Italian operator in the IT sector, with a turnover of about 1.3 billion euros and over 1,500 employees, recording constant growth in turnover and profit margin in the past 10 years.

He is married and has two children.