From people side

Our mission is to improve people’s lives, starting from our human resources.
Corporate Social Responsibility is in fact a fundamental element of the SeSa Group’s corporate culture.
Since its inception, the Group has actively contributed to the construction of a fair, loyal and attentive work environment for the needs of its human resources and all stakeholders.


Transparency is another fundamental cornerstone of our way of doing business.
For this reason, attention to social responsibility is also reflected in the adherence to certification programs and the disclosure of our Social Responsibility Policy.

Ethics Certification SA 8000

All the activities of the Sesa Group are carried out in compliance with the SA 8000 standard.
In fact, Sesa has acquired international certification aimed at ascertaining that the company complies with some key principles of corporate management relating to corporate social responsibility.
These include respect for human rights, respect for workers’ rights, protection against the exploitation of minors, guarantees of safety and health in the workplace.


SeSa Foundation operates in the field of welfare, training, education and social solidarity.
Founded in 2014, the Foundation has immediately supported numerous local and national entities with the aim of promoting educational and scientific initiatives and events.

A Big Heart

Fondazione Sesa is focused on philanthropy and charity activities in favor of the communities in which the Sesa group operates with attention to non-profit organizations and associations dedicated to the protection of the weakest.
In addition to raising people’s awareness of social issues, the Foundation makes contributions and finances charity activities and promotes welfare initiatives and activities.

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The Sesa Group promotes an organic plan of corporate welfare initiatives for its human resources, aimed at pursuing work-life balance objectives, reconciling family and professional staff needs.

On the Children’s side: Sesa Baby

At the behest of the Sesa Foundation, the SeSa Baby company nursery was also born.
The structure is located in Empoli, in the Group’s main office, and is aimed at improving the quality of life of our workers, with a view to reconciling private and working life.
The nursery hosts children from 3 to 36 months and is organized by age, activities, spaces and times based on an annual project that focuses on the needs of the youngest and families.


The corporate welfare plan is divided into a wide system of initiatives aimed at the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of the Group’s human resources, with measures to support the income and education of the children of workers, which can be used flexibly through a digital platform with the option of selecting flexible benefits and the most preferred benefits.
These include the provision of scholarships for the reimbursement of school books, kindergarten contributions, study stays abroad, contributions for summer centers, baby sitting services, discount vouchers for the purchase of IT material for teaching at distance, support for sustainable worker mobility, support for housing mobility of resources under 35 and flexible benefits to supplement family spending (food, sports, wellness, culture).
Work-Life Balance and human capital enhancement programs are also available for workers, such as scholarships for participation in university degree or masters courses and the possibility of requesting permits for social volunteering and permits and solidarity holidays.

From environment’ side: our commitment

Environmental responsibility is another element of value that guides us in everyday choices.
That’s why we promote, through the adoption of some best practices, a sustainable approach to the environment. The Group also operates in the Green IT sector by offering reverse logistics, e-waste management and refurbished regeneration of technology parks that have reached the end of the first life cycle, thereby pursuing the environmental sustainability of the IT infrastructure chain.

Safeguard initiatives

There are numerous initiatives put in place to support the environment.
Among these, the use of a 260 kWh photovoltaic production plant which, in the fiscal year to 30 April 2019, allowed us to produce and therefore save over 242,000 kWh at the Empoli site.
A voluntary collection program for waste toner is also active and in all Group offices there are collectors for the collection of differentiated waste and purified water dispensers, a measure aimed at reducing the use of plastic.
The introduction of the “paperless” program has allowed, through the digital archiving of documents and the review of some business processes, a significant reduction in prints and the use of related printers.
Finally, a plan to improve energy consumption has been prepared.

Sustainability Report

For Sesa, sustainability is an ongoing process aimed at achieving objectives and maintaining a balance between people, the environment and the economy.
To deepen the vision, mission and initiatives of the group, you can consult and download our Sustainability Report